Dawkins and The God Delusion – A Running Review

So, I’m through chapter two of Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion.  I’ve been commenting on the book as I read through it on a Facebook group, so I thought I’d also leave the same thoughts here.

I have to say so far that I’m summarily disappointed. And, it’s not because I disagree with practically everything he says. I get it. He’s an atheist and a fairly educated one. But, the more I read the more I see intellectual dishonesty. Dawkins isn’t dealing with the Christian God or the Bible and the only people that will take him seriously on such points are those who are utterly ignorant of what the Christian faith actually maintains and teaches.

Dawkins is simply dealing in caricatures. For example, the notion that no one can understand fourth century Trinitarian debates and the terms involved is simply false. Dawkins does a great job vilifying what he considers the God of the Old Testament while failing to share with his readers that what he’s really repeating are the tenets of an ancient heresy that never had any traction with Christian orthodoxy in the first place.

I will keep reading because he still has yet to get to any of the main demonstrations of his argument(s) and I’m holding out hope that there’s something of substance in this book sufficient to lay a real challenge down. So far, not so much.