Michael Foster’s Series on Marinov’s Ecclesiology

Michael Foster begins his own series on Bojidar Marinov’s ecclesiology.  Here’s an excerpt from part II, we’ll be watching for more:

In the era covered by Calvin’s Company of Pastors, these vagabonds wouldn’t submit to the rulings of various churches or presbyteries. They would simply “wander” to another another church and start doing the same thing. The issue, ultimately, is that they weren’t submitted to any particular church or presbytery. They are wanderers and vagabonds. Yes, their morality in life and doctrine is the clear issue. However, the overarching issue is that they are either previously deposed or self-appointed. They operate outside the visible institution of the church.

The similarities between Durbin’s status update and Beza’s 1593 sermon are striking. These concerns aren’t just modern baptist concerns. They are pastoral concerns that have long been in the church. They certainly are keeping with the reformed tradition. Hence, I find Marinov’s initial claim to be completely and clearly fallacious.